Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes: A Cookbook & Restaurant Guide

From Shrimp & Grits at LuVici's in Athens to Lambert's Cafe's Fried Potatoes & Onions in Foley... Montgomery's Wagon Wheel Cafe and their outstanding fried chicken to Felix's Herb Crusted Whitefish at Felix's Fish Camp in Mobile... from Gulf of Mexico Grilled Cobia at Ocean Restaurant in Birmingham to New Market BBQ's BBQ Sketti... every back road leads to delicious food when traveling across Sweet Home Alabama.

This first book in the Backroad Restaurant Recipes Series serves up a well-researched and charming guide to the state's best back road restaurants. This is not your usual guide to high-priced, white-tablecloth restaurants. These are hidden gems that most people would never discover unless they lived in these quaint Alabama towns.

We have surveyed the people who know these restaurants best... locals! Using their suggestions, only the most established, well-known, highly-rated restaurants have been invited to participate in this unique guide to Alabama diners, eateries, drive-ins, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and unique dives.

No time to travel? No problem. Each restaurant shares with you their favorite recipes -- sometimes their signature dish, sometimes family favorite, but always delicious.

You may say, is this a restaurant guide or cookbook? The answer is yes.  Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes brings you terrific recipes plus a guide to those restaurants you won't want to miss while traveling the back roads of Alabama.



Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes

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