Kentucky Back Road Restaurant Recipes

Okay, let’s crank it up and go again… this time to Kentucky, the second state in our State Back Road Restaurants Cookbook Series which serves up a well-researched and charming guide to the state's best back road restaurants. This is not your usual guide to high-priced, white-tablecloth restaurants. These are hidden gems that most people would never discover unless they lived in these quaint Kentucky towns.

When someone says Kentucky I immediately have pictures running through my mind of waterfalls, open pastures with beautiful horses grazing, trains traveling through the hills as well as forests and caves to explore. Kentucky is also the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. 

Western Kentucky is home to Miss Hoss’ Sweet Shop in Greenville, named after her late Husband whose nickname was Hoss. His favorite dessert was Banana Pudding and you will find that recipe in our book. Linda will tell you how God has led her to this place in time.  Don’t forget to stop in Henderson and taste some of the best BBQ around at Thomason’s.  They have been doing BBQ for over fifty years the old-fashioned way, in a masonry pit in the middle of the restaurant. 

Not to be out-done, Central Kentucky offers many exciting places to explore.  One of Kentucky’s oldest eateries in continuous operation, Cottage Inn opened in 1929 in Louisville and still serves up simple and affordable food.  Ms. Zuky is a treasure.  Riley’s Bakery in Bowling Green is also a must stop.  They have been baking from scratch for 70 plus years. 

In the Bluegrass region, you will enjoy eating at places like News Café in Gratz, where you will be greeted by Earl and Linda New.  I do not know which is better the food or all the antiques.  They also have a B&B, so pack up and stay the night so you can see it all. 

While traveling the back roads in Eastern Kentucky, be sure to stop in Whitesburg and visit with Ms. Karen and the girls at Golden Girls Parkway Restaurant.  Get some of her Soup Bean Pie and homemade candies and fudge. 

In Kentucky Back Road Restaurant Recipes, you’ll discover terrific recipes plus a guide to every restaurant you won't want to miss while traveling the back roads of Kentucky. So crank up the car and join us


Kentucky Back Road Restaurant Recipes

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